Chez l’animal de compagnie

Pascal Debauche - How to treat dogs and cats with essential oils?
"Aromatherapy, animal and man ... a long love story!
Pascal Debauche holds a doctorate in Zoological Sciences. After collaborating for more than 10 years in the development of phyto-aromatic specialties for veterinary use, he joined the research and development unit of PRANARÔM International, headed by Dominique Baudoux and supervised by Dr Abdesselam Zhiri.
Dominique Baudoux needs no introduction. it appears, in fact, in most serious books which deal with the multiple uses of essential oils. A worldwide referent, he is increasingly devoted to scientific messenger communication to all health professionals, including the faculties of pharmacy in Belgium, France, Morocco, etc.
International speaker, Dr Debauche wrote down the fruit of his research, his numerous practical experiences or the stories of owners explaining in great detail how the health of their companion had radically improved, after so many consecutive failures to the use of conventional therapies.
This book is imbued with