Pranarôm, 30 years of essential expertise

Celebrating 30 years of essential expertise together 

It has been thanks to its guiding values, established since the company was founded, that Pranarom is the reference for essential oils and scientific aromatherapy today. What are these values? They are the five principles that guide all Pranarom employees and partners:

  • Ensuring access to the best essential oils
  • Sharing knowledge through training
  • Advancing scientific research
  • Growing through a responsible and sustainable approach
  • Innovating to make aromatherapy accessible to all
Pranarôm, 30 years of essential expertise
Dominique Baudoux - Founder of Pranarôm

Aromatherapy, a passion for essential oils

“30 years ago, when Pranarôm was founded, aromatherapy was unknown. ‘You want to treat someone using perfumes!’ they told me in pharmacies, out of ignorance. Today, the whole world has heard about the amazing properties of essential oils.

Scientific research on aromatherapy is developing rapidly, partly thanks to Pranarôm. It took a lot of work to get here, and I am proud to have contributed to this development.

When Pranarôm was launched, essential oils were seldom studied, and I set off on an adventure into unknown, sometimes hostile, lands! But I am a man who likes challenges, and I am passionate about aromatherapy. A pharmacist by training, son and grandson of pharmacists, I was aspiring to other professional horizons when a friend, a homeopathic doctor one day in May 1988, suggested that I accompany him to a conference entitled ‘Aromatherapy’. This was the starting point of a beautiful family adventure, which continues beyond my expectations.

I would like to thank the pharmacists, the health professionals, the patients and of course the employees who have trusted us for 30 years. I sincerely believe that natural medicines, backed by a rigorous scientific approach, have a rich future ahead of them, in all areas of health. This is the direction we took 30 years ago, and this will still be the beating heart of our work tomorrow.”  

— Dominique Baudoux 

Sergio Calandri - Managing Director of Pranarôm

The best of science and nature

“Since it was founded, Pranarôm has combined ancient science with the latest scientific research. Pioneers of natural therapies, we have created product ranges based on active ingredients from the best plants to meet the needs of the whole family. 

Thanks to our comprehensive research programme, we are a leading scientific point of reference for essential oils in the world. We can say without any embarrassment that we have helped to raise consumer awareness of the importance of taking care of your health in a natural way. 

My hope for the future is that everyone will instinctively turn to natural products when caring for their own health, and to seek to better understand and protect our environment. Our ambition is to continue to identify active ingredients and properties that are still unknown today and to make them known to as many people as possible, via a responsible, sustainable and ethical approach.”

— Sergio Calandri
Managing Director

guillemets  Simply, thank you to all our teams, collaborators, partners, our producers, our customers and all the consumers who have placed their trust in us for 30 years. 

More than 250 different essential oils at Pranarôm