Ensuring access

to the best essential oils 

It is a value that is inseparable from Pranarôm, so much so that it is the first to be cited by customers and employees: the uncompromising quality of the products.

In aromatherapy, the quality of products is inseparable from their effectiveness.

Although the democratisation of the use of essential oils is good news for natural healthcare, natural healthcare, this trend has also led to a multiplication of products available on the market and with it, the risk for the consumer of coming across fraudulent oils. “There are essential oils and essential oils where the best rubs shoulders with the worst (...) Real lavender tampered with by adding a lavandin, ravintsara by adding niaouli, synthetic and unnatural Damask rose or orange essence filled with heavy metal salts...”, Dominique Baudoux, founder of Pranarôm, deplores. So many harmful and risky practices.

In this context, how does Pranarôm guarantee the quality of its products? 

Pranarôm has always been uncompromising about the quality of its essential oils. Dominique Baudoux is serious: “I don’t compromise on quality, because quality leads to performance. I have always wanted to personally formulate products that are real remedies to ensure healing.” This quest, intrinsic to the pharmacist’s profession, is based on meticulous and rigorous work. And we can prove it.

guillemets  Quality at every stage, or not at all. This is the watchword of our team of scientific experts. The best synthetic chemical copies can never compete in effectiveness and safety with an essential oil that nature has produced perfectly.

— Dominique Baudoux

Ensuring access to the best essential oils - Essential oils

540 tonnes

of raw materials harvested in 2020

Up to 250 molecules

identified and quantified in an essential oil chemotype

1,500 analyses

carried out each year on the products

different 250 essential oils

at Pranarôm, the widest range in the world

Ensuring access to the best essential oils - Essential oils

Essential oils

  • 100% complete, 

  • 100% natural, 

  • 100% pure

Each batch produced by Pranarôm must meet strict criteria:

Pranarôm essential oils are :

  • 100% natural: no synthetic molecules, no chemical emulsifiers, no solvents and no mineral oils are added.
  • 100% pure: they are not mixed with other essential oils, vegetable oils or alcohol.
  • 100% complete: all the active molecules
  • of the plant are extracted, thanks to full distillation up to the end of the process.
  • They come from certified organic and sustainable agriculture harvests in most cases.

Rigorously selected raw materials from loyal partners

Meticulous in the selection of its raw materials, Pranarôm has developed long-term partnerships, some for more than 20 years, with its suppliers. “The choice of our partners is not limited to the intrinsic quality of the raw material,” says Julien Abisset, purchasing director at Pranarôm, “This is of course a crucial point, but complementary values such as ethics and the social and environmental vision are for us inseparable from the product. It’s a whole, a totum!”

To guarantee this excellence, Pranarôm carries out around 40 audits a year, all over the world, and spends more than 100 days a year in the field with the producers. “Aspects such as fair trade certification (Fair for Life), respect for production cycles (Demeter) and gender equality are taken into account when sourcing,” adds Julien Abisset.

Permanent, rigorous and scientific control of production 

Pranarôm is the only laboratory that tests each batch of essential oil at least twice before it is put in the bottle: via systematic quality control of the sample even before the purchase of the products from the suppliers, and then on receipt of the goods. 

Advanced techniques are used to qualify the essential oils, as well as to detect any traces of over 250 pesticide residues. Chromatography identifies the aromatic molecules present in the product. Mass spectrometry determines the relative proportion of each of the aromatic molecules in a given essential oil. The aromatogram measures the antibacterial power of the essential oil. This data is available to healthcare professionals. 

Other complementary analyses, such as chiral analyses, are used to ensure the absence of synthetic molecules or to validate that the molecules in the raw materials are natural and their origin.

Ensuring access to the best essential oils - Essential oils chemotype

What is a essential oil chemotype?

The chemotype is an identity card for each essential oil produced. It provides all the biochemical and aromatic characteristics of the product, characteristics that can vary depending on the place of cultivation, sunshine, or even the stage of development of the plant when it is picked. Pranarôm’s HECT-labelled essential oils are highly concentrated products, but also very precisely identified. 

« A essential oil chemotype is the assurance of having the best: what is written corresponds exactly to what is in the bottle. »

— Julien Abisset
Purchasing Director