Growing via a responsible,

sustainable and ethical approach

Pranarôm wants to guarantee respect and balance between humanity and nature. That’s why, the responsible, sustainable and ethical approach comes naturally.

As Dominique Baudoux expresses it, “working daily with curative plant resources requires a deep reflection on the sustainable management of this natural heritage.” The annual increase in the demand for essential oils leads to a double-edged sword: while it preserves certain plants because it enhances their value, it also opens the door to the risk of indiscriminate exploitation of aromatic essences. 

Pranarôm is aware of its impact on the environment and takes care to protect plants and crops, especially those under threat. The following actions have been taken to protect nature and the men and women who work with it:

Know your suppliers and build sustainable partnerships

Pranarôm has been working for years with the same suppliers, using short supply chains. These suppliers have integrated a sustainable development approach and must respect very strict specifications. 

In addition to encouraging responsible cultivation, Pranarôm invests with its producers in the planting of endangered crops and plants, to ensure their survival, and continue to guarantee the supply of essential oils with unique therapeutic properties. Sergio Calandri, CEO of Pranarôm, explains further: “We promote the responsible cultivation of plants, we work with harvesters to grow endangered or environmentally useful plants such as Vetiver, which solidifies the soil, prevents erosion and helps limit droughts.”

Developing organic cultivation, respectful of the environment

Seventy per cent of Pranarôm’s essential oils are organically grown, with the AB label, and Demeter (biodynamic agriculture label) for some. Pranarôm looks for organic essential oils wherever they are available.

70% of the Pranarôm range

from organicfarming

Organic cultivation - Demeter label
Organic farming - AB label

Acting on behalf of the men and women who make a living from growing aromatic plants

Beyond the quality of the essential oils, Pranarôm is concerned about the living conditions of the people working in cultivation. This is why partner supplier selection is so rigorous : suppliers must not only meet a strict set of quality specifications but must also commit to a meaningful social attitude rooted on the respect of their workers, the values of fair trade and be in accordance with all applicable legislation. 

A commitment to nature and life 

Pranarôm also takes steps that have a positive impact on the environment and on the people, through commitments that are dear to us.  

Fair trade producers in Egypt

As a historical producer of essential oils, Egypt holds a dominant position on the market for several essential raw materials, such as jasmine, neroli, violet, marjoram, camomile and rose geranium. 

In this country, Pranarôm is supplied by a producer with the Fair Trade label who respects workers by adopting a social and equitable attitude that respects work regulations and the living conditions of the families: creation of schools, health care coverage, etc.

With the Graine de vie association, which promotes carbon offsetting and reforestation through the planting of more than 144 different species of trees on nearly 900 different sites on the African continent, Pranarôm has become the sponsor of one of the most beautiful nurseries in Africa, in Madagascar.

Since 2013, through this association, more than 400,000 trees have been planted thanks to Pranarôm. 

400 000

trees planted

with the Graine de vie association

Sustainable development - Graine de vie

Thanks to its commitment to the Think Pink association, Pranarôm helps finance breast cancer research. 

Roses from Damascus, a symbol of commitment

The Damask rose hydrolate, produced in a limited edition by Pranarôm, is a beautiful symbol of the company’s commitment. 

Firstly because the roses come from a crop that has been running for 20 years, cultivated with respect for biodiversity and certified as organic. At this site, audited by the Union for Ethical Biotrade, which defends biodiversity, everything is designed to reduce the environmental impact: drip watering, development of photovoltaic equipment, etc. 

Secondly, because for each hydrolat purchased, Pranarôm donates funds to breast cancer research, in partnership with Think Pink Europe. What could be more natural for Pranarôm than to act for the care and health of all, thanks to a product created with respect for nature?

Damask roses symbolise Pranarôm's commitment to Thin-Pink

guillemets   A therapist’s recommendation is inevitably underpinned with an ethical and philosophical commitment ; such that health care is combined with a balanced diet, lifestyle and emotional well-being, to provide harmony within and with the world around us.

— Dominique Baudoux